3 thoughts on “Living for my Family.

  1. Chef Carl, my heart really hurts for you and your family, I love and miss you! I have faith in God and I have faith in you, it’s a rough road but I know you can do this, with God’s help. I believe in the power a payers, God will carry you.

    Charlie, Swizzle Bartender

  2. Chef Carl u are truly missed in the kitchen at Loews….I’ve been praying for u and ur family… I will continue praying for ur recovery….stay strong and know ur Loews family miss and love u… Laneetra

  3. Chef Carl and Family, thank you for taking the effort to update us – your Cafe Adelaide/Swizzle Family miss you terribly. You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow I will go to St. Patrick’s church and light a candle dedicated to your strength and swift recovery – we Italians love and believe in our blessed candles! We are looking forward to our lunches when you come back!
    Much love, Sandra and Robert Haylock

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