Kick Cancer in The Gut
For: Carl Schaubhut

The Schaubhut Family:
Hello everyone, and thank you for your love and support in our fight against a disease that has affected so many people from all walks of life, in countries all over the world, of all ages and demographics . . .This is our story.
My name is Carl Schaubhut. I am lovingly supported by my wife Alix O’Neil Schaubhut in our fight against stage 4, incurable adenocarcinoma in the GE junction. We have two young children, Carl (Carr) who is 7 and Catherine (Cate), who will be 5 in May. Carr has an infectious spirit with a cautious curiosity for everyone and everything he encounters. He is our little thinker, and always has been. She is perhaps the most energetic and entertaining young girl I have ever known, biased as I am, of course. She has a smile that lasts all day and an aura that invites strangers to turn their whole day around by just looking at her playful eyes and sweet little voice. They are a blessing beyond words, and have truly changed my outlook on life. Luckily, both our children got their mother’s personality- bright, warm, and inviting to everyone- be it old dear friends or those whom she just met. Alix has a way of seeing into people’s hearts, and is the most genuine, caring human being I have ever known. I would not be half the man or father I have become without her, and for that I am eternally grateful. She is a multitasker of astronomical proportions, juggling our two children, our sweet boxer Layla, and my demanding hours away as a chef, all while working full time as a small business owner and Pilates instructor at Grace Pilates and Yoga and a carrier of the torch of the originator of the method, Joe Pilates himself.. All of that and somehow finding time to uphold the values of religion, faith, nutrition, and health in our family as well as being a great sibling and friend to her family spread through the South and Midwest. Beyond my family, food is my passion. It is what I know, and it is what I love. I grew up in South Louisiana with German, Italian, and Cajun French roots. My father (Pawpaw) Carl has always pushed me to do what I love and has been a great support in my career. He is a great cook as well, and has always made sure our family dinner table is the focal point of social and family gatherings. I am also supported by my best friend and older brother Jonathan, and my baby sister Anne. My mother, Rose, has always said I can do anything I want to do. She has been an inspiration in my life beyond words. Simply put, she is the most amazing person I have ever known! There would be few that would disagree. I took her advice and turned what I love into a trade. I am the Executive Chef/Co-Owner of bacobar in Covington, LA and DTB in Uptown, New Orleans. I have cooked professionally since I was 18, and I am now 36. This is all I have ever done, and food has run my life for the past 18 years. We are now at a point in this 5 year battle where our options are being limited more every day. After multiple rounds of chemo therapy, surgery, radiation, clinical trial, we are coming to the end of our rope medically. Average treatment costs are $10,000 a month.  Now we focus on metal strength and perseverance. With the medical bills ever mounting, and the ability to work only sporadically, it is begrudgingly that we ask for financial assistance. I have always been and am still on the giving side of philanthropy, so to ask for help is very difficult and humbling. It is our hope that we can receive what we have been able to give and can again beat the odds and “buy” some more time. Every day is a gift, and I intend to live that way. I do not feel that I am going anywhere anytime soon, but doctors tell me that we have to be ready for the fact that I am wrong. Thanks for any support in this battle, and God Bless.

Carl Schaubhut