“When you get what you want, but not what you need.”

Blogs have been less important to us over the past year as we have been busy working on the NOW. So when we write it usually is a sign that we have a major hurdle in our cancer journey. Carl has jumped a million obstacles and fought with eyes wide open this entire cancer walk. His pure heart is out there making everyone he touches better, believing in themselves more, and covers them in his light and passion for possibility. He has a gift, making dreams become a reality, endless belief in all that is possible. Fight. Fight he has. Everyday, chin up, positive, and loving so hard to everyone and everything his beautiful hands touch. It is with great pride and gratitude that I can say Carl is still here today after almost bleeding to death over the weekend. Carr (7) ran to our neighbor’s house to call 911. That call got him to the hospital and is buying us more time. He is my hero. Seeing your father bleeding to death would freeze even the best surgeons…..he was fierce in action amidst great fear. He is his father, which makes this difficulty seem less suffocating to think there is more Carl in this world. It is with a heavy but grateful heart That I am able to tell you that we are heading home to LIVE fully together for his remaining days on earth. Chin up, eyes open, and holding on to each other till death do us part.