Shine Baby Shine❤️

For those of you who do not know me or know what I have been up to for the past few months, please allow me to fill you in. My name is Carl Schaubhut, and I am the proud father of two (Carr 9, Cate 6) and husband of a beautiful wife both inside and out, Alix. My passion and more often obsession for the last 20 years has been cooking.  For my adult life, my culinary profession fueled the artistic fire of creativity that runs rampant through my veins and brain, not easy to be replaced. In addition to this creative passion, the positions that I held as bar manager, cook, sous chef, executive chef, restaurateur were instrumental in providing for my family. Since age 18, I worked in all aspects of the culinary business.   

In addition to my professional pursuits, I am on a journey to fight against a raging gastroesophageal cancer, now end stage, over the past five years. My goal is not to be cured but to live the rest of my life as God is willing to give, and drugs and positive living are able to provide. I am no longer eligible for surgeries, clinical trials or radiation nor am I seeking any magic spells. Unfortunately, and maybe the most crushing, there is no more cooking. Due to a small fracture in my spine as a result of one of the tumors, time on my feet is limited.

Food which was once my joy is now an enemy because certain smells are nauseating and digestion is laborious and often impossible. My creativity, artistic part of my brain, and restless body refuse to simply lie dormant; rolling over and waiting for my maker is not how I can allow this to happen.

Upon advice from Alix, my mother, my therapist, and others, I needed a creative outlet and seek to fill my days with activities which provide joy. It was then when I traded in a skillet and plate for a paintbrush and canvas. I was inspired by a painter that I have loved since Alix and I lived in beach paradise called 30-A. His name is Justin Gaffrey and his style of painting is called impasto.  His older works are inspired by natural scenes such as sun, beach, trees, and other natural settings found in Santa Rosa Beach. I tried to do the same and discovered my own style. These artistic works are a source of joy, peace and consolation of which I am very proud.

Many started asking me if the art is for sale. At first I contemplated just giving them away. Then, my friend Preston and I collaborated to bring the website to life. He is the one who has helped me with financial advice and countless other things in this insane cancer fighting journey. He is part of our inner circle of people that have no idea the impact they have made on our lives.

So many people want to donate money to us for which I am forever grateful.  We find it hard to accept gifts as we have always been involved in the giving.  My thoughts are that once I painted these pictures and people could purchase them by making a donation on the go fund me portion of my blog site, then it would be best for everyone. Art lovers select a one of a kind painting. I could continue to fuel this creative drive still inside me. Purchasers of the paintings can help us support our family by paying off mounting medical bills and providing for our children.

The title of the endeavor is “Shine by Carl”. It’s a collection of sun scenes, beach scenes, and other abstracts created during this difficult time. Painting these works of art brings me back to the days of beach living, when I was a young chef in my 20’s, father of a new baby, husband of a beautiful wife…when no one could stop us and the thoughts of cancer, clinical trials, medical bills and financial uncertainty were not even a blip on our radar.

We were free; and we still are, just in a different way.  We invite you to come along another journey with us. There will be new paintings, new blogs, pictures, inspiration, hope, love, and when you don’t know what to do, just SHINE, baby, SHINE!

-by Carl