A Birthday Wish

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Today began like any other day in our house. We were racing around, such an average morning in a house full of toddlers. Exhaustion that no amount of coffee could resolve painted all over our faces. We are convinced that somehow our children have been plotting against us in the night, and have taken over our bed yet again. Once the chaos of my morning came to pass, a quiet gratitude in my heart surfaced. It was in this moment that my heart whispered a prayer of thanks that our life has somehow suddenly returned to normal. I can’t even count the amount of prayers that were whispered to return Carl back to “normal.” Words cannot express to all of our prayer warriors our gratitude for all their dedication, and just how much being in this new normal state means to Carr, Cate, Layla, and I.

Thirty-three years ago today my sweet husband was born into this big world. I was thinking back about his birthday last year, and how we were just weeks away from the most devastating news of his cancer. Life can change in an instant, any mother or father has been witness to this. The life of Carl, in just thirty-three years, has impacted so many. It was a blessing of cancer, to witnessed just how much impact one life can have on the world. It is a blessing that I am able to celebrate Carl’s life… today, and everyday as we go forward. Happy Birthday Heart. May we be hand in hand for many more birthdays. My wish today is the same as the very first birthday we shared together, and that is that we grow old together.

Today I want to share with our bloggers a little story about a big love. Two lost hearts found each other, and realized that together they were complete. Life made sense. Together they created a simple and beautiful life, with so much love and laughter. Together they were stronger than all of their weaknesses, and anything seemed possible. Kindness and respect, growth and change, hand in hand we traveled along. Weathering the storms, your heart always bigger than mine, protected me through it all. Baby feet, and little curls, life took on new meaning. Love grew, and created more love than we ever dreamed possible. Quietly, I thank God for you, my heart. For I know that the kind of love we share is special, and not often found in this world. On your birthday candles a silent wish whispered that our hearts forever stay as one. The gift of life is yours, and I pray that you are able to show the world all the talent, passion, and spirit that I am witness to every single day that we share together.  My heart, which is your heart, is thankful for your life, for our life, and for the two little lives we created together.


Happy Birthday Carl,  

Love Always