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Thank you so much for your interest and support. We are happy to hear from all of our family and friends, both new and old. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We check and update the blog almost daily, so we do receieve your comments here, as well!


Alexandra Schaubhut

Carl Schaubhut


8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. With all my soul, we send out energy, our heart felt prayers, our souls in love with the 2 you are and the 2 your have created….we pray for Carl, his medical team, and for God to guide and be with them all. We join your fight to conquer this challenge and be with you thru it to a happy result. Give hugs to you both. We are with you. Eat, build up, prepare..this is what you will need to face this challenge. If you want any recommendations on facilities or doctors from Houston to Baltimore, let me know….we have been thru this with amazing results. You are loved and we are here. Anything you need…please let us know. always….J & P

  2. Sending healing thoughts your way. Wishing you a side effect free course of treatment and full recovery. “Kick Cancer in the GUT!”

  3. hi,i remember you as the chef at fire ,i sold you organic produce for a couple of years
    i remember you taking my snow peas and making a relish ,that was good stuff
    i was just telling another chef this relish you made ,did,nt mentioned any your name
    i wished i did.always enjoyed talking to you.
    look be strong live one day at a time
    i lost my wife rosehelene almost two years to cancer
    she was so strong ,she was an inspiration to everybody
    she made me strong,do not give up,good luck bless you
    in between your treatment ,on a good day make some of that relish
    with great hope, robert,

  4. I worked with you for a little while at Commanders. You are a great person inside and out. I always remember you being so nice whenever I had a question about anything no matter how busy it got. My prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way. You will fight this and WIN !! Kick cancers butt!!!!

  5. Carl I have lifted you and your Family in Prayers i know you are going to kick this shit out the Park i miss your parfait at the Square if i can do are say i am here for you and the Family so glad to have met you with your kind and humble Heart when i sigh the Magazine i meant ever word my baby boy God Bless you Miss Linda The Yakamein Lady

  6. Carl just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers and thoughts as you recover. My husband Mark Stephens is a friend and formere co- worker!! Of your father. We use to live in Baton Rouge and moved back to our hometown here in Indiana!! Your father and Mark have cont to stay in contact with one another. We both hope that you continue to stay strong and have a wonderful recovery!! Hopefully we can get down your way and meet you in person when you are back at what you love to do and enjoy your talents!!!

    Thinking of you
    Mark and Vickie Stephens

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