Post-op day one and two- so far, so good.

Hi everyone! It’s Vicky again. I wanted to share the latest update from Alix on how Carl is doing. As anyone who has ever had surgery (or taken care of a loved one who has) can attest, the first 24 hours are always pretty rough. Sleepy from anesthesia, sore in places you didn’t know could be sore, sleeping in a hospital bed covered in plastic (eeeew) that likely has the worst pillows anyone has ever encountered. That pretty much sums up what Carl has been through over the last day or so. Yesterday his nurses got him up out of bed for the first time and he is continuing to progress well. Slow and steady is the name of the game, and his initial recovery has been no exception to that. He has gotten stronger every day and really has made awesome progress! Alix and Rose have been in the ICU at his bedside as often as the unit will allow, and at this point his team is preparing to move him out of the ICU. Alix says he is as strong as an ox and a pretty typical if somewhat grumpy patient (that’s a good sign, haha). Some things to be aware of…at best the surgical unit will allow only immediate family members to visit, and the decision has been made to restrict Carl’s visitors even further while he remains in the hospital, due to his need for rest and recovery. We all know that our chef loves to host a crowd, but he’ll have to wait a bit to do so- doctor’s orders for now. Please keep prayers and positive thoughts coming for speedy healing and smooth recovery- they are working!!!


Surgery is done!

Hi all- this is Vicky, Alix’s big sister, with an update from Team Schaubhut over at Ochsner. As of about 6 PM Carl’s surgery is finally finished and he is now headed to recovery. Surgery went well, albeit a little longer than anticipated, mainly due to the fact that Carl’s anesthesia needed to be tweaked in order to get him correctly sedated. I teased Alix that maybe they should have just given him horse tranquilizers instead, ha ha. Anyway, his surgeon reported the encouraging news that his lymph nodes didn’t appear enlarged at all- a sign that the chemo and radiation did their jobs as we all hoped- and the pathology will confirm in four days’ time whether he is cancer-free. Please keep Alix and Carl in your prayers. Although we can chalk today up as a win, they still are facing recovery in the hospital and then at home, with a long few months of adjustment. The prayers and positive thoughts are helping- and. I know they are both feeling all the love! Stay tuned- more updates to come!