Life is a gift! It is not to be taken for granted! Today, I proudly announce, is our last day of Chemotherapy!!!!!! This will technically end Thursday with the removal of the pump of the 5FU that runs two days after they administer the chemotherapy.

I must say that God has me up early this morning counting my blessing and honestly making me giggle at the irony of life. My sweet baby sister has had a little boy early this morning, reminding me that the gift of life is something to be celebrated. I am up (PROUD NEW AUNTIE) and off to train clients, and empower their health. I am feeling more alive then ever in my life. Carl is sleeping with Catherine all tucked in next to him. Our life still here. This statement is so relieving to say! Our life still together!!!  We have come through so much on this journey together. I told my mother that to sum up this last year, this has been our worst best year.

Carl and I want to thank so many of you it may take a lifetime. There have been prayers daily said in his name, that have worked. We cannot technically say remission, until we do a full body scan in 6 weeks, but it appears to be just that.

We have learned so much through this journey. It has strengthened our faith, family, marriage, and our love for New Orleans and all of our beautiful support team. I am tearing up as I write this because there was a time when I was not sure if we were going to make it through this, well actually a few times. Yet here we are, life still intact, and somehow better than before!!!! It seems nearly impossible.

If you learn to look at what matters in your day-to-day, and look at those people who are close to you, and somehow imagine life without them, it changes your whole way of thinking. I am blessed that God made us stop and learn this at 32.  Life is gift, it is to be taken care of, and to be cherished. I have never been more proud, excited, and relieved to say WE KICKED CHEMO IN THE GUT!!!!!!! The future is unknown, but I (with much help from my therapist and many of Carl’s doctors) have finally learned how to live one day at a time. Today my friends is the most beautiful day!!!! Merry Christmas and  CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!

longer post to follow soon!


Love Carl and Alix

3 thoughts on “KICKED CHEMO IN THE GUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Beautifully written Alix. And yes so early in your life together to realize what a gift you two have. I am so relieved to know my prayers have power and that this day marks and end as well as a beginning! Love you lots! Oh she has delivered???!!!

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