A Mother’s Perspective.

Father Harold Cohen was one of the best homilists and a deeply holy man with a tremendous faith and a captivating charisma. He presided at our wedding in 1975. Yes, we were very young and very much in love. From that union came three great children who are now adults. Fr. Cohen ended every mass by saying “Glory be to Him whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we ask or imagine!”

Today I am asking for a cure of Carl’s cancer. I am imagining a world without suffering. As a mom, I want to protect my children and loved ones from all harm and certainly from suffering. At this time when I am an active participant with my son Carl on his cancer journey, I am asking the Lord to remove his suffering and to cure the cancer. I am asking the Lord to let me take this journey for him knowing that each of us is traveling our own path.

Over the past two weeks since the initial news on April 1st, I feel a deep peace which comes from my time in prayer with Jesus. Jesus is assuring me that this cancer journey too will pass. We will be stronger for having gone through this journey. Jesus has always sent me abundant graces through times of suffering. Graces are given to me so that I experience His presence, graces are shared which bring me closer to Him. I am also asking that those graces and blessings are given to each of my family members so that we can each cope with this difficult challenge. But most importantly, I am asking that Carl and Alix grow stronger in their unselfish love of each other and their family. They are blessed with a beautiful family and such loving friends.

I am feeling very protective right now because I do not want anything bad to happen to any of my loved ones. It does not seem right that my child is fighting for his life at his young age. This is not within my control, though. Even during my most peaceful moments, I am not far from tears of uncertainty wondering how this will all play out. I cannot help but think of Jesus’ mother Mary who watched the passion and death of Our Lord, her son. She witnessed Him do so much good for others yet He died a criminal after being beaten and tortured then nailed to a cross. I am sure that she felt the unjust treatment of her son by others. He did fulfill His promise to us at the Resurrection, though and she was there to be with Him.

To speak about how much each of my children mean to me is like speaking about my arm or my leg…each child is a part of me and I see a part of me in them. We are made from the same mold. We are each fashioned as a child of God. I can see parts of me and parts of my husband in each of them both physically, intellectually and emotionally. Each of my children holds a special place in my heart.

When each child takes on a spouse, my love is shared to the new family member. I love them as my own child and the circle of life continues in this way. New children are born out of that same mold, created as a child of God. I know that by surrendering this journey to Jesus, He will lead us through this adversity. We will come to a better place, a place of new opportunity which never seemed possible before the challenges. We give glory to Him whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine!

One blessing already realized is the outpouring of support that Carl and Alix have received from so many friends and loved ones. Thanks to each and every one of you for your words of support, your time, effort, energy and your generosity. It is gratifying to know there is so much love out there for us.


One thought on “A Mother’s Perspective.

  1. A mother says it best! Much love, support, and belief to Alix, Carl,and their loved ones, that all will be well, from your Chicago family.

    Each day is a new opportunity to live, laugh, and love!

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