Keep Your Head Up


My family is more medical than most I know. My wife, mother, aunt, uncle, mother in law, father in law, and sister in law are all in the field of medicine. I have lots of friends old and young who span specialties, states, and even countries in this area of expertise. Not one would deny that a state of positive mental well-being would help result in a successful outcome in a battle against cancer. What reason would anyone have to disagree that a positive outlook is the way to go? What is the alternative? Throughout this two-week process (I cannot believe it has only been two weeks), I have tried to turn every negative into a positive. It is the only way for me. There is no alternative. Someone asked me recently if I was mad about the “unfair” nature of this disease and the “why me” factor. I will not ask “why me”? I will not be mad at this. One of my best friends put it this way: Everyone in life has his cross to bear, and I feel this is mine. This will be the hardest thing I will have gone through up to this point in my life, so all that I can do is fight it as fiercely as possible. If not now, when? This will take all my energy, emotion, and will. I know that. I am ready for it physically. I need to be ready for it mentally.   Being positive is my preparation. There is a litany of positives to conquer negatives on a peripheral outlook in this process. I am going to be out of work/pay for at least three months. Conversely, I have not had a true vacation in almost three years. I have brought my son to the first movie since he has been born. This was a true joy that I always missed out on. And for those who have not seen the Lego movie, I am a fan. I may actually see my daughter’s first steps, as she is so close right now. My wife and I have spent more time together in the past two weeks than we do in two months. I realize more everyday why we fell in love and why we need to spend 50 more years together. I will be in and out of work throughout all of this, but mentally my thoughts are on treatment and my family. This is not easy to admit, but this is the first time in my career that the restaurant has not come first. This was hard for me to deal with at first, but it is the reality. Nothing is more important than family. Nothing. And right now my health and outcome of this battle is what will allow me many more years with this family that I so love. Stay tuned for more in the series of turning negatives into positives throughout the battle with cancer. I am finding more everyday.


4 thoughts on “Keep Your Head Up

  1. Really inspiring stuff my friend. Jay and I will be keeping up on your progress and thinking of you every step of the way. But I gotta say, If someone gave me a cross-eyed bear, I would be mad too! (Still one of my favorite missed lyrics of all time) A guy and giraffe walk into a bar…

  2. You are a hero to so many people in more ways than one, Carl. And this exemplifies one of the reasons why. I too am a strong believer that attitude and a positive outlook changes everything! I hope that all our positive energies flow out to you no matter how near or far we are.

    We are here for you and cheering you on! Ftw! 🙂
    Love you!

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